from strathclyde park to Choma zambia

Popota FC and the friendship of Nelson Sikopo

During the pandemic that the world has had to endure of the devastating Covid-19 which we are still suffering today DB12Run where looking ahead and planning for the future. On our facebook pages and going through buy and sell we informed others that we are looking to be shirt sponsors for a local community youth football or rugby team for the upcoming 2020 - 2021 season. 

Despite what we do DB12Run heavily relies on sponsor itself and people who take part in all of our fun run or virtual events.  In our events and sponsor we do the best that we can and do our best to help those in aid by bringing communities together and supporting others.

DB12Run had received a lot of emails from groups across Scotland from young football teams to adult and to rugby teams. We looked at the options and it all changed from one email from a young man from Choma Zambia.

A young man Mr Nelson Simo Sikopo had sent me a message which at first, very skeptical was asking for support and sponsorship by DB12Run. A lot of things where not right to the point where i was ready to leave this conversation but a few emails back and forth of getting more information we had exchanged whatsapp and this is when it all changed.

6th May 2020 we started talking and messaging where all he was asking for was footballs, training gear and any donations that we can send the team " Popota FC "

I received photos of a team of young men, a family and a community all playing football together where the college had contacted me in request for assistance. 

Mr Sikopo is a member of popta united football club where he has been with the club a very long time. he completed school awaiting to go to college if resources would allow. At present Mr Sikopo helps with the youth. The youth club is a self help non profit making arrangment therefore everyone who works there is a volunteer

Popota football club is a community sports club which is registered with Choma District Amateur  FA. Despite being registered, it is in terms of stuggling with equipment such as balls, jerseys and other necessary equipment. The main objective of the club are.

* To help youth keep fit through football

* To keep the youth busy most of the time to prevent them from engaging in bad vices

* to develop football skills

* to help the youth possibly develop a career in football

* provide cheap entertainment for the community

the club has 80 registered players and looking to develop a girls team.

one email letter... and that was me. DB12Run is all in.

The one thing i wanted to know was resources to go to school? after speaking more with Nelson that he was looking to go to popota agricultural college to study farming as its one of the best sources of income in the country and benifits everyone. we spoke more and more and personally everyone who knows me knows that i have had hard times in my life, i have been poor and had no food to eat many times in my life. i have lived in boiler rooms, i sold my car for £50 to feed myself for a week and i had no heating for nearly 3 years aswell as no electricity multiple times.

I spoke to Nelsons college principal and got more of his background, he is a hard working young man looking for a chance in life and does wonders for his community.

As much as DB12Run is now proud to support Popota FC and we will do the best that we can thanks to support, buy and sell and through fun run events we will look at sending kits footballs and items to choma and for us to get the youth of boys and girls playing football. For nelson well he is now going to college all paid for. I believe this young man deserves a chance in life and more so having spoke to nelson many time nearly every day. I got a break in life and for this young man i dont want him to go into gangs, drugs or end up dead i want him to have a future and be there for his community and to work hard. this isnt a charity case as i am not like that! I " DB12Run " want to help a young man become something in life and have a future, potentially play football and see the world. In 20 years time maybe he will have an email and knowing what i did for him he will do for them.

DB12Run proudly supporting Popota FC




Popota FC

Popota FC

Popota FC